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What is Fivem Terminal?

Fivem Terminal is a Fivem script that aims to add a role play hacker, but not that..

I’ve seen many scripts that have always tried to style yeah you’re a hacker, too good:D

But none of them allowed people to do what they wanted, nor even really hacker

Of course here too you will hack nothing real, hacks are coder by me, but as in reality you will have miles and a way to get into the systems!

What can I do for now?

  • hack - A remote server
  • hack - A vehicle
  • hack - A Telecoms Network
  • security - Reset to factory a vehicle
  • files - Download or upload a file
  • files - Edit files
  • ...

What will be possible afterwards?

  • Read documentation
  • Plane mission to train you’re self
  • A lot of things :D


# Nom Description Type Exemples
* Recquired Fields
* Optional Fields
1 addGroup Add a group to the system SSH addGroup group_name*
2 addUser Add a user to the system SSH addUser username* password* group_name*
3 cat Display content of file SSH cat link_to_file*
4 cd Change current directory SSH et SFTP cd link_to_directory*
5 chmod Change property of file SSH chmod link_to_file*
6 get Download specified file to you're local computer SSH et SFTP get link_to_file*
7 listGroups List all groups on system SSH listGroups
8 listUsers List all users on system SSH listUsers
9 ls List all files and directory in specified directory SSH et SFTP ls link_to_directory*
10 mkdir Create new directory at location SSH mkdir directory_name*
11 nano Editer file SSH nano link_to_file*
12 put Send you're local file to distant system SSH et SFTP put link_to_file*
13 pwd Display current direcotry SSH et SFTP pwd
14 sftp Try an new connection using SFTP SSH sftp url_target* username* passsword* port_sftp*
15 ssh Tente une connection à l'appareil distant en SSH SSH ssh url_target* username* passsword* port_ssh*
16 touch Try to create new file SSH touch link_to_file*
17 whoiam Display intel about you're session SSH whoiam

Exploits - Telecoms

# Nom
* Must be near server localisation
Description Cible Type Exemples
1 createUserAnten * Create temporaly user on distant terminal localhost SSH createUserAnten
2 permissionExploit Start exploit to grant root permission on current user Telecoms SSH permissionExploit
3 searchAntens Start exploit to find nearest server arround you localhost SSH searchAntens
4 shutdownAnten * Start an exploit to shutdown nearest anten localhost SSH shutdownAnten
5 startAnten * Start an exploit to start nearest anten localhost SSH startAnten
6 stateAntens Start an exploit to display state of all antens localhost SSH stateAntens
7 start Start an exploit to start remote anten Telecoms SSH startAnten
8 shutdown Start an exploit to shutdown remote anten Telecoms SSH shutdown

Exploits - Vehicles

# Nom
* Must be seat on vehicle
* Must be stand near vehicle
Description Cible Type Exemples
* Recquired Fields
1 alarm Turn on\off alarm of vehicle vehicle SSH alarm start*
alarm stop*
2 doorlock Open\Close vehicle doors vehicle SSH doorlock open*
doorlock close*
3 els Turn on\off ELS (Emergency Light Sound) vehicle SSH els start*
els stop*
4 engine turn On\Off engine of vehicle vehicle SSH engine start*
engine shutdown*
5 light turn On\Off lights of vehicle vehicle SSH light start low*
light start high*
light stop*
6 signal turn On\Off signals of vehicle vehicle SSH signal enable left*
signal enable right*
signal enable both*
signal disable left*
signal disable right*
signal disable both*
7 grantRootPermission* Fetch root connection of vehicle localhost SSH grantRootPermission
8 searchVehicles * List Vehicles around you're positions localhost SSH searchVehicles
9 showBusInfos List 5 last recorded action in BUS memory vehicle SSH showBusInfos
10 showGpsInfos List all recorded action in memory vehicle SSH showGpsInfos
11 unlockVehicle * Unlock remotly vehicle localhost SSH unlockVehicle vehicle_plate*
12 uploadTracer Upload Exploit that permit you to show location of vehicle vehicle SSH uploadTracer

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